Small Business Pensions

Looking for a small business pensions service? With our combined payroll and end-to-end auto-enrolment pension service, our in-house experts will be on hand to support your business with its workplace pension duties.

As part of our service we’ll:

  • Set up a NEST pension scheme for your business
  • If applicable, apply a postponement period to new employees to account for any probationary periods
  • Ensure that all legal auto enrolment communications are sent to your employees
  • Monitor your employees pension status each pay period
  • Enrol all eligible employees into the NEST pension scheme
  • Manage any ‘opt-in’ or ‘opt-out’ or ‘cease contribution’ requests processed by NEST
  • Calculate pension contributions each pay period to be displayed on the payslip and make the payments into the NEST account
  • Inform The Pensions Regulator when the duties are completed by submitting the Declaration of Compliance.
  • Manage the ongoing duties, such as completing the ‘Re-Declaration’ every 3 years to inform The Pensions Regulator you are still compliant with the Auto Enrolment legislation

We make payroll and pensions easy

We are an experienced payroll provider specialising in small business payroll that supports your business needs.

Do I have to offer a pension scheme?

Yes, all UK employers have a legal obligation to have a pension scheme in place. Employers must enrol any employee into an auto enrolment scheme if the employee meets the eligibility criteria, or if the employee wishes to opt in or join a scheme voluntarily


More information on automatic enrolment can be found on our Workplace pensions page.

How does it work?

Simply register for Quartz payroll and pension service, provide the relevant payroll information, and we will manage the rest. This leaves you to concentrate on running your business with the piece of mind that you’re fully compliant.

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